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Questions for Test General Psychology II Dr. Cico Al-Anon 1) Who is welcome to join Al-Anon meetings? a. Friends of those with alcohol or drug problems b. Family members of those addicted to alcohol c. Spouses of people who have other substance abuse issues d. All of the above 2) What happens at an Al-Anon meeting? a. People sit around and talk about what a jerk the alcoholic is today b. Members try to solve your problems for you and tell you what to do c. Attendees focus on themselves, how to live with peace and be happy, and how not to feed into the disease of
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Unformatted text preview: alcoholism d. Everyone plots to send the alcoholic or addict to rehabilitation 3) The most important things to remember when dealing with an alcoholic are: a. When you disagree, be sure to yell first and yell the loudest b. Give them the respect to make their own choices and to live their own life, even if you don’t agree c. Go search for all their hidden bottles and fill them with water d. Focus on what is best for your life. Set boundaries for yourself. Stay calm. e. B and D only...
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