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IGJ 1 IGJ ART 110 Final Ch. 4 3) Cuneiform was created by the Sumerians about 3000 B.C.E. it was used in commerce by many ancient civilizations and was valued for its practical use. It was a very important and influential factor in the early eastern world. 4) Anu- Bull, supreme male, sky god Ninhursag- Mother goddess, lady of the mountain Enlil- God of air Ea- God of water Nanna- Moon goddess Utu- Sun god Inanna- Goddess of love The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest written story on Earth. It comes from Ancient Sumeria, and was originally written on 12 clay tablets in cunieform script. It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk Ch. 5 3) Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh about 3,500 years ago. He made some major, changes to ancient Egyptian culture, the most notable one being his religious revolution. Akhenaten also made major changes in the ancient Egyptian art style. 5) B urial chambers were gradually cut deeper until they passed into the bedrock. Their ceilings were topped with a low mound and then surrounded by a low, mud-brick building known as a mastaba.
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Most mastaba were vulnerable to thieves. The end of the 1st Dynasty was reducing the superstructure in favour of extensive subterranean storage, reached by a stairway. Eventually the
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finalarthist - IGJ 1 IGJ ART 110 Final Ch. 4 3) Cuneiform...

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