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"Vor{ frIt"ftD = to'u=- lv + vD' o.SrlsZ 3.Examplel = tCK'n -es common so*r, Amptifier 'f t O V I LargeSignar(Dc)Anarysir,r@ r,,{**, loR, Smatt Signal (AC) Analysis : I Equivalenr small signal (eCl model ,-flI Q 1,{ sis. F=Q 2v '"8 = (U) I lrrrUV', Vt e )V, )tsa ,?v ? f or3,?' {r"'(€)(vs3'r4):
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Unformatted text preview: o3bh )y*-lE5- . lrfo-$)rfo= t,V rv E r + Dc K^' $5= Vps = %639V /et-Yt -'2-ls t ( , I it in se*'*tli A( qds %'-ts?t$'tft), &.*.g{ d' ; Sr fc. E -ln(O/b) l'." kiH(Y${rd = | hVV rfnF fo = Ih --reO Es- A / D t -r l t . Q fi, eL' tS l0v F3.c. Av=Glntrnora)gr )o...
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