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3.2 Resistor Biasing with Source Feedback (degeneration) DC Analysis We have arnlyzedthis circuit on P. l1 of "Notes on MOSFET." The roles of Rs is to provide negative feedback and stabilize the DC operating point. For orample, assume that los increases (e.9., due to a lower Y). T\e voltage u*i3 at source, /osRs, will increase. Ycs will be reduced, and the final /pswill be closer to the designed value. AC Analysis r^6;-rl): fi+ T..r f ' i0 3m0 U I rrsfr {, u;,ff,tu #, 16=4.4(tg - L rr 6g ; SArrrt \rb, 1,h 43r* -. rD kcr,@q [email protected]( Er,Ct4'{rr) 16-tlo --- ro +fi= 7*(rt
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Handout_9_Appendix_3 - ( 3.2 ResistorBiasingwith...

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