Lab_3 - EE 101A / Winter 10 Lab #3 (Week of 1/25/10) Lab 3:...

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Lab #3 (Week of 1/25/10) Page 1 of 7 Lab 3: Full Wave Rectifier Background Reading : Sedra & Smith, Chapter 3.5 1. Motivation: Output voltage is not even close to DC! The role of measurement equipment, such as the oscilloscope, is pretty obvious – engineers need tools to characterize the circuits and systems they build. They can apply known input(s) to the circuit and measure the output(s) to see if it will work as expected when used in real-life applications, such as in cars, computers, cell phones, etc. As integrated circuits (ICs) become more complex, however, testing is no longer a simple task. There are engineers who specialize in comprehensive testing of ICs before release to the market. They write scripts and programs to reduce testing time, and use expensive automated test equipment (ATE) to make sure the chips function and meet performance specifications. Fortunately, our voltage converter is a fairly simple circuit, and testing its functionality and performance should only take a few minutes once you become familiar with the equipment. As you will measure at the beginning of this lab, the voltage across the two transformer outputs is a sine wave with a frequency of 60 Hz and an amplitude of about 25 V. But what we want from our circuit is a voltage that is constant over time. In this lab and the next, we will perform this conversion from AC to DC, which is really the core circuitry of our converter. Fig. 1 is a diagram of the converter, and shows the various parts and their corresponding labs. Figure 1. Circuit schematic as of Lab 3 You have measured the IV characteristic of the 1N4001 diode in Lab 2. In this lab, we will use these devices to perform rectification on the AC signal. 3
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Lab_3 - EE 101A / Winter 10 Lab #3 (Week of 1/25/10) Lab 3:...

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