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HONORS 2000 American Government Chapter 14: Domestic and Foreign Policy The study of public policy is inseparable from the study of American politics Public policy is a government of action to solve problems that people share collectively or that they cannot solve by themselves. Policies that address these problems can be redistributive policies which shift resources from those who have them to those who do not Distributive policies which use the resources of all to benefit a segment of society Regulatory policies which seek to modify the behavior of groups or individuals Social policies are mostly redistributive and distributive policies that work to
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Unformatted text preview: improve individuals quality of life • Social welfare policies usually means-tested programs directed toward those who cannot care for themselves and social insurance programs, like social security that offer benefits in exchange for contributions • Social security is currently in financial straits because it is an entitlement program whose benefits must be paid whether or not the money is there • In 1996 the TANF eliminated the guarantees of the Social Security Act of 1935 • Social policy covers healthcare policy including Medicare and Medicaid and various programs that supply subsides •...
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