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honors 2000 paper 1 - El-Sharkawy 1Hani El-SharkawyHonors...

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Unformatted text preview: El-Sharkawy 1Hani El-SharkawyHonors 2000Dr. Carla Vecchiola 18 February 2010Detroit’s Auto Companies: The Source of its Economic DisasterDay by day, politicians and city officials spend their entire day thinking of ways to improve the city of Detroit and its fading economy. Everyday, thousands of local residents of Detroit believe they have the answer to all of Detroit’s problems. Several companies have suffered from the decline, and a few key companies’ failures have caused the city’s industries to deteriorate. However, these companies in the auto industry still have the chance regenerate a profit, and cause revitalizations across the city. Chrysler is one of the most prominent automobile companies in the world, and is a Detroit company belonging to the “Big Three” (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler). Following an interview with Dr. Alaa Ibrahim, a senior engineering spet for Chrysler, I believe that the failure of the auto industry was due to its inability to adjust to market fluctuations, which catalyzed a decline in Detroit, and its eventual demise as a great city in America.Detroit, once the fourth biggest city in our nation, has fallen from these ranks unnoticeably. It there had been some sort of natural disaster that destroyed the city, maybe the city would be noticed by the nation, but instead it fell silently. The destruction of Detroit instead was a slow process that began to outcast it from the country. Without the country noticing and the government giving most of its attention to the auto executives the people continued to suffer from political corruption. The city funds are diminishing and Detroit is millions of dollars short of what it needs to provide the base of municipal El-Sharkawy 2services. As the quality of life continues to decrease and the standard of living increases, Detroit continues to find a pathway back to revival.My group chose to look at the city of Detroit from an economic perspective and to find what it takes to help Detroit and address the needs of the community. I decided to have an interview with someone involved in the auto industry that can provide information on how the company works. Receiving the inside scoop of how the auto companies work, and what they are attempting to revitalize their revenues, and other causes for the city’s failure, would be found in someone working a white collar job for one of the auto companies. I had an interview with Alaa Ibrahim, a senior engineering spet who was very enthusiastic about it, and very informative. After the interview I realized what exactly is hurting the auto industry, and how they are trying to rebuild it as efficiently as possible....
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honors 2000 paper 1 - El-Sharkawy 1Hani El-SharkawyHonors...

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