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Mo Abuhammour Informative Speech Prof. Elizabeth D. October 19, 2009 Title : Hookah Hazards Topic: Hazards of smoking and inhaling hookah General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To increase my audiences understanding of hazards of smoking and inhaling hookah INTRODUCTION I. Attention getting Device: With all the known hazards of cigarette smoke and its effects, people tend to forget about the deadly hazards of hookah smoke which has the same effect of ten whole cigarettes with just one hookah inhalation. What is worse is that 10% of girls and 16% of men in the eastern Mediterranean area smoke hookah. II. Relevance to the audience: Hi, my name is Mo, and I’m letting you know about the hazards of hookah because many people seem to believe that since it isn’t a cigarette it is safer to smoke. Hookah though may contain less tar and nicotine than cigarettes is still very dangerous. Many hookah smokers like to say that it is safe because it is filtered through water, but it is bogus to believe that it is safe. It just that many people have been told the hard scientific facts about hookah. Experts have estimated that about 100 million people worldwide smoke hookah on a regular daily basis. Though it isn’t carried around in your pocket and easily accessible like a cigarette, it is still very dangerous to smoke regularly. III. Ethos: This may be a surprise to you, but it is well worth the knowledge to realize how dangerous hookah can be and how to avoid it. This is important because preliminary studies have shown that both high school and college students have or do smoke hookah. IV. Thesis: Hookah is just as dangerous as other forms of tobacco, and in fact is more dangerous because of the way it is inhaled. It contains all the tar and toxins that are in cigarettes and can be more addictive than cigarettes.
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