preliminary paper ps1010

preliminary paper ps1010 - Hani El-Sharkawy Dr. Vecchiola...

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Hani El-Sharkawy Dr. Vecchiola PS 1010 - Honors 14 January 2010 Preliminary Paper: Detroit’s Problems and Opportunities In the past, Detroit was the king of the automotive industry. Detroit was one of the major industrialized cities in the world, and contributed a very large portion to the United States economy. Times have changed however and the city of Detroit is currently facing a vast, complex catastrophe. Several problems hurt Detroit – crime, poverty, poor education system, rundown infrastructure, racial tension, etc. Nevertheless the biggest problem for Detroit, which deserves our utmost attention, is the failing economy. Detroit was known as the capital of the automotive industry, and it helped bring Detroit to greatness economically. However, the auto industry is also what put the economy in shackles and led to its failure. Detroit did not have a diversified economy, and so it could have been predicted that if the auto industry ever struggled, Detroit would feel the affect significantly. The majority of the economy was based upon the auto industry, and once the industry began to
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2010 for the course PS 1010 taught by Professor Yahrmatter during the Winter '08 term at Wayne State University.

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preliminary paper ps1010 - Hani El-Sharkawy Dr. Vecchiola...

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