CHAPTER 26 Urinary System

CHAPTER 26 Urinary System - 2 cartilaginous joint —bones...

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CHAPTER 9: ARTICULATIONS I.ARTICULATIONS (JOINTS) A. Basics 1. joint/articulation is the meeting of bones to bones, cartilage, or tooth 2. arthrology—study of joints 3. inverse relationship b/w mobility and stability B. Classification of Joints i. Categorized structurally by the type of conn tissue and if there’s a space b/w bones: 1. fibrous joint —bones held by dense regular (fibrous) conn tissue
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Unformatted text preview: 2. cartilaginous joint —bones held by cartilage 3. synovial joint —fluid-filled joint cavity b/w bones. Articulating surface enclosed in a capsule, and bones joined by ligaments ii. categorized by extent of movement possible 1. synarthrosis —immobile joint 2. amphiarthrosis —slightly mobile 3. diarthrosis —freely mobile...
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