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Unformatted text preview: 85-241 Homework #1September 4th, 20071. The Fundamental Attribution Error explains Tobia’s faulty judgment. Personality factors are over-emphasized and situational factors are under-emphasized. 2. The Observational method could by used by observing how many hours of sleep one had and how well they did on an exam. The correlational method can be used by conducting a survey to a sample of people who all took the same test consisting of two questions: what grade one received and how many hours one studied for that exam. The experimental method can be used by conducting a controlled experiment where the only variable is the number of hours studied. I think that the experimental method would yield the most useful results because: 1) The observational method would be too time consuming 2) Participants in the survey (correlational method) may not answer the questions accurately. 3) “Correlation does not mean causation.” If the correlation method is used, it does not necessarily prove that number of hours studied causation....
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