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Homework 2 9/11/07 1. Counterfactual thinking explains this situation. Kyle is not as happy with his grade because he was closer to an A. He probably mentally went through ways he could have done a little better. In other words, he used counterfactual thinking to go through ways he could have gotten a few more points. Although counterfactual thinking is conscious, it is different from controlled thinking because it is not deliberate thinking. Sometimes it is unavoidable to engage in counterfactual thinking. Counterfactual thinking is different from automatic thinking because it is conscious. 2. Social Role Theory refers to the idea that men and women behave differently and take on different roles due to a division of labor based on gender. Different genders have different social expectations and skills. For example, women usually work at home taking care of children, while men work outside of the home. Therefore, women are usually seen as more nurturing and kind. Display rules refer to the rules that determine the emotions that people are supposed to express according
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