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Ch 15 notes - Chapter 15 Gender Development Males are more...

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Chapter 15: Gender Development “Males are more instrumental; females are more expressive” I. Perspectives on Gender Development A. Biological perspectives (Nature) i. Evolutionary Perspective 1. Sex differences in behavior bc they gave reproductive advantages A. Men: spatial reasoning good for tracking prey/survival, aggression good for competition for resources B. Females: strong alliance w other females good for getting help with child care ii. Hormones and Brain structure 1. Hormones: Androgens —male hormones associated with rough play/physical aggression. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) —condition where adrenal glands make high levels of hormones similar to androgens. These girls do more rough play. Estrogen= better at verbal 2. Brain: Male brain slightly bigger. Genders process info differently (males usually use one hemisphere and better at spatial; females use both hemispheres and better at verbal). B.
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