Chapter 12 homework

Chapter 12 homework - Principles of Child Development...

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Principles of Child Development April 15, 2008 Chapter 12 Homework Parenting Style Looking back on my childhood and teenage years, I feel that my parents practiced authoritative parenting. They set high standards for me but taught me that ultimately my decisions would determine if I would succeed or fail. They also taught me that failure at times is not a bad thing, because it is a learning opportunity. When I did something wrong, I remember my dad calling me for a talk. He made sure I understood that what I did was wrong, but he did this in a calm and caring manner. This is consistent with authoritative parenting because this kind of parent has high demands, but also high support for their child. They set clear standards and limits but allow their child considerable autonomy within those limits. Sibling Status Growing up I remember my parents making an effort to make sure that they treated me and my two sisters equally in every appropriate aspect. When they bought one person a toy, they bought the others one too. I also remember having a good relationship with my sisters. Of course we fought at times, but they were only silly quarrels over things we forgot about within the hour. Today, we still hold strong relationships with each other. At times our parents would catch us fighting and they would discipline us, but not in a harsh way. They would try to figure out who’s fault it was in the fairest way, and talked to us in a caring manner. In fact, it seemed like what hurt my dad the most was when my sisters and I fought,
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Chapter 12 homework - Principles of Child Development...

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