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Chapter 12: The Family I. THE NATURE AND FUNCTIONS OF THE FAMILY A. Functions of families: survival of offspring, economic, cultural training B. Family dynamics—how the family operates as a whole i. All members influence each other directly and indirectly, family functioning is influenced by the social support families get, family dynamics must be looked at dynamically—as the child grows, parent child interactions change. II. THE INFLUENCE OF PARENTAL SOCIALIZATION A. Parents contribute to their child’s socialization by: direct instruction, indirect socialization (child sees parents behavior), social managing (parents manage the child’s social experience and lives—controls their exposure to certain things) B. Parenting style—parenting behaviors/attitudes that set the emotional climate of parent-child interactions. i. 2 important dimensions degree of parental warmth/acceptance, degree
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Unformatted text preview: of parental control/demand ii. diff. types of parents: 1. authoritative—demanding but also warm and responsive. Good parenting, good child. 2. authoritarian—cold and unresponsive, high in demand. Child is low self confidence, social, and academic. 3. permissive—responsive to child’s needs/wants and are lenient. Child is impulsive, low self control, low academic More school misconduct and drug use than authoritative parents’ kids. 4. rejecting-neglecting—doesn’t pay attention to child. Child is antisocial, low academic, drugs, risky/promiscuous behavior. iii. The types above differ slightly by culture iv. Child influences parenting—their attractiveness, temperament. v. Socioeconomic status influences parenting—richer people more likely to be authoritative and accepting....
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