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Unformatted text preview: Principles of child development 85-221 March 6, 2008 Chapter 16 Homework: Theme 1: Nature and nurture: all interactions, all the time Nature does not reveal itself all at once. Evidence for this in my life can be seen with the development of my eyes. While all Caucasian people are born with a double eyelid fold, only some Asians are born with one. Some have a single eyelid. For some, this double eyelid forms as the person ages. Both of my parents have double eyelids, but I was not born with one. Eventually as I developed, the double eyelid fold was present only parts of the day until it became permanent. Nature revealed this characteristic as I became a teenager. Theme 2: Children play active roles in their own development Eliciting reactions from other people My parents have told me that even before I could talk I was a very friendly or social baby, always soliciting attention from others. I would say hi to strangers and would choose to play with others instead of alone. This led to my personality others....
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