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Principles of Child Development April 30 - May 2, 2008 Exam 3 Take-Home Questions Name: Mina Na Please begin by opening the header and typing your name and entering all of the demographic data at the beginning of each question (2 points). Be sure to save your work periodically. When you are finished, be sure to click the submit button so that your exam is accessible for grading. Thanks! Birth Day of the Month (e.g., 11 th ): 22 nd Use the day of your birth to determine which theories to consider when answering the following question. 1 st through the 10 th – Freud and Social Learning 11 th through the 20 th – Erikson and Social Information Processing 21 st through the 31 st – Social Cognition Theories related to Piaget and Behaviorist Apply the two distinct theories indicated above to understanding and suggesting interventions for the case study of four-year-old Adam. After reading the vignette below, suggest at least two theoretical explanations given by each of the theories and at least two suggestions for interventions . Then indicate a unique explanation and suggestion that Bronfenbrenner might offer based on considering Adam’s broader environmental systems. Make sure that your explanations and suggestions are specific enough to the theories that they could not relate to another theory (i.e., that your answers demonstrate how clearly you distinguish the theories ). Four-year-old Adam moves into the block area of his Head Start classroom, where two other children have built a make-believe car out of large blocks. As he enters, one of the two children announces loudly, “Adam can’t play!” Adam ignores this statement and sits down on the pretend car beside his two peers. He snatches a plastic firefighter’s hat from the head of the child who has just called out. The child protests loudly, “No, Adam! Give it back!” Adam pushes him off the car with great force. His victim begins to cry and call for a teacher’s assistance. The teacher, Ms. Rodriguez, moves into the area quickly. She is very familiar with the problem she now faces; Adam has been hitting, kicking, and pushing other children since he began the Head Start program 3 months ago. Adam’s aggression seems to have increased lately. Talks with Adam’s mother have not helped. She is very concerned about his classroom behavior but is having great difficulty coping with the problem. As an unemployed single parent, she is struggling to make ends meet. She has suffered from depression and is receiving mental health services. She is 20 years old and has three other children. Ms. Rodriguez now stands before Adam and the child he has just assaulted. She must make an on-the-spot decision about how to respond. Her response will depend, in part, on what she believes about why Adam behaves as
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TakeHome2008Exam3 - Principles of Child Development Exam 3...

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