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Name: Solution set PHYSIOLOGY 42-202 Quiz 2 8 September 2007 Please write your name on the back of the quiz in the top left hand corner (3 pts) 1. CLOSELY examine the graph below. Which of the following transport methods is being utilized to transfer the substance INTO the cell- diffusion down a concentration gradient; facilitated diffusion; active transport; it is impossible to tell with the information provided. WHY? Active transport. Leveling off of the curve designates saturation of a carrier molecule, so carrier-mediated transport is involved. The graph indicates that active transport is being utilized instead of facilitated diffusion because the concentration of the substance in the intracellular fluid is greater than the concentration in the extracellular fluid is greater than the concentration in the extracellular fluid at all points until transport maximum is reached. Thus, the substance is being moved against a concentration gradient, so active transport must be the method of transport used. (4
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