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Soc_of_Latin_America_2010_reading_list_3 - Sociology of...

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1 Sociology of Latin America Hilary Term 2010 Thursday 11am LAC Seminar Room Course Provider: Professor Leigh A. Payne (St. Antony’s) [email protected] Course Aims: This course introduces students to sociological concepts and theories as applied to Latin America and the contribution of scholarship on Latin America to the field of sociology. We will explore theories of development, poverty and inequality, nation- and state-building, social movements and mobilization, gender, race and ethnicity, religion, justice and injustice, and violence. Students will be expected to read the course material and participate in class discussions. By introducing advanced research on sociology in Latin America, the seminar prepares students for doctoral research in this area. Course Assessment: Students will be evaluated by the Sociology of Latin America paper. In addition, students may participate in a weekly discussion seminar held on Thursdays during lunch and coffee/tea in St. Anthony’s College. To participate in the seminar, students must prepare at least one essay and to discuss another student’s essay during the term. The essays are intended to provide a critical review of the literature on a particular topic in sociology. Students will select a question to address in their essays, work with the professor to develop a reading list, and use those readings to address the selected question. Students will send out their essays with enough time for those participating in the seminar to read it. In the seminar, students will briefly present their main arguments, their discussant will critique the essay and raise issues for the seminar participants to discuss. Course Schedule Week 1 (1/21): Introduction to Latin American Sociology and Sociological Research Week 2 (1/28): Sociology of Development & the Latin American State Week 3 (2/4): Social Movements and Labour Mobilisation in Latin America Week 4 (2/11): Women and Gender in Latin America Week 5 (2/18): Race and Ethnicity in Latin America Week 6 (2/25): Social and Economic Inequality in Latin America Week 7 (3/4): Religion in Latin America Week 8 (3/11): Crime & Justice in Latin America Course Materials All of the materials for the course will be available electronically (e-Journals and scanned book chapters) on WebLearn. The exceptions are books involving more than one chapter of reading. These books will be available in the LAC library. They include:
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2 Susan Eckstein (ed.) Power and Popular Protest (2001) Timothy Wickham-Crowley and Susan Eckstein (eds), What Justice? Whose Justice? Fighting for Justice in Latin America (2003) Course Reading List Week I: January 21 Introduction to Latin American Sociology and Sociological Research Ronaldo Munck, “Postmodernism, Politics, and Paradigms in Latin America,” Latin American Perspectives , Vol. 27, No. 4, Politics, Culture, and Postmodernism (Jul., 2000), pp. 11-26 James Mahoney, “Revisiting General Theory in Historical Sociology,” Social Forces , Vol. 83, No. 2 (Dec., 2004), pp. 459-489
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Soc_of_Latin_America_2010_reading_list_3 - Sociology of...

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