146A-WQ 2010 Essay 2 - Essay 2 due March 8 In an essay of about 1,500-2,000 words(5-7 pages answer one of the following questions 1 Consider our

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Essay 2, due March 8: In an essay of about 1,500-2,000 words (5-7 pages), answer one of the following questions. 1. Consider our readings for week 7. Both Ernst Jünger and Erich Maria Remarque clearly felt they learned important things during World War I. Compare the "lessons" they drew from their wartime experiences. 2. Consider all of our readings from first hand accounts of men's experience in World War I (Remarque, Jünger, and the four readings from firstworldwar.com). What wartime experiences seem to have made the greatest impression on these authors? 3. Consider Michael Geyer's description of how the German army learned to fight. Do the accounts of Jünger, Remarque, and others (Verdun/Vimy/St. Julien/Messines) match that description? 4. Michael Zoschenko presents a very skeptical view of life in early Soviet Russia in our readings for week 8. What seem to be the main targets of his criticism? 5. Compare and contrast the views of the two socialist authors we read in week 9 (Lenin,
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