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146A+WQ+2010+Midterm+Orientation - Midterm Orientation Our...

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Midterm Orientation Our midterm will be on Friday, February 5, during the normal class time and in our normal class lecture hall. There will be two parts to this test. Each will count for half of your score on the test. Part I will ask you to identify five terms (which may be people, organizations, laws, words, etc.). Part II will ask you to reflect on your readings. Part I There will be 10 terms on the test to identify; you will choose 5. The 10 terms will be chosen from the following list of 20: Popular Association for Catholic Germany Tour de France Georges Sorel Rerum Novarum Russki Renault Boer War Alfred Dreyfus Rudolf Diesel The Riddle of the Universe Parliament Act 1911 WSPU École Normale Supérieure tango pulp fiction Omdurman Primrose League The Psychology of Crowds Congo Free State Sidney Webb King Humbert of Italy
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Each answer will be worth five points, divided as follows: 1. Explain when the event happened, or person lived, or concept was current, for one point. 2. Explain what happened, or what the term or concept meant, or what the person did (what position she or he held, what organization or movement she or he was part of, etc.), for one point. 3. Explain why the event, person, or concept was important, for one point. 4. Explain what larger trend or development the person, event, or term illustrates or exemplifies, for two points. Here are two examples of actual answers from student tests I have graded in the past: E XAMPLE 1: GOOD ANSWER:
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146A+WQ+2010+Midterm+Orientation - Midterm Orientation Our...

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