146A+WQ+2010+Exam+Orientation - Exam Orientation Our exam...

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Exam Orientation Our exam will be held some time during exam week, March 16-20. There will be three parts to this exam. The first two parts of the exam will be identical in format to the midterm, and will cover only what you have learned since the midterm. The third will be an essay question asking you to reflect on what you've learned over the entire quarter. Part I There will be 20 terms to identify; you will choose 10. The 20 terms will be chosen from the following list: Comintern National Youth Welfare Act (German) Putilov factory Strength through Joy Kemal Atatürk Kadets Kronstadt Uprising Zhenotdel Miklos Horthy Socialist Realism Cheka Sergei Kirov Béla Kun Acerbo Law Magnitogorsk Oswald Mosley squadri (or Fasci) di combattimento dopolavoro "Believe, obey, fight!" Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases Fasci femminili Sinn Fein Dawes Plan Wolfgang Kapp Cheka Lateran Treaty Horseshoe Settlement Niels Bohr Nuremberg Laws Each answer will be worth five points, divided as follows: 1. Explain when the event happened, or person lived, or concept was current, for one
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2010 for the course HIS 146A taught by Professor Dickenson during the Winter '10 term at UC Davis.

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146A+WQ+2010+Exam+Orientation - Exam Orientation Our exam...

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