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146A-2010-007+OHP - • Racism and Scientific...

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7: Cultural Revolution: The Sciences and Society before World War I 1. Modernism: Diversity and Ambivalence 2. Darwinism, Monism, and Christianity Popular Darwinism and Anti-Christianity (Ernst Haeckel, Edward Carpenter, Ellen Key, Scientific-Humanitarian Committee) Marxism and Social "Evolution" Declining Religious Practice Anti-Modern Modernism: Christian Faith and Modern Methods 3. Radical Rationalism, Irrationalism, and the Disintegration of Moral Personality and Objectivity Brain Science and Behavior (Ivan Pavlov) Social Statistics (Othmar Spann)
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Unformatted text preview: • Racism and Scientific Misogyny (Möbius) • Social Psychology (Max Weber, Emile Durckheim, Gustav Le Bon) • Individual Psychology (Sigmund Freud) • Physics and the Disintegration of the Knowable World (Albert Einstein, Marie Curie) • The "Values Question" and Ideological Diversity • The "Iron Cage" (Weber) • Destructive Potentials: Pollution, War, and Pacifism 4. Ambivalence: Creative Potentials of Modernity • The Triumph of Management • "Vitalism" (Friedrich Nietzsche, Henri Bergson, Sorel) • Power! • Despair and Euphoria...
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