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Unformatted text preview: !6 ! 2010 2 3 1. Study the "Making con rmations and checking comprehension" secton on pp. 274-276. Then, on the HW paper, write the con rming remarks called for in the 4 short exchanges in Ex. A on p. 276. Use a different type of con rming remark to complete each exchange (based on the 4 types discussed on pp. 275-276). 2. Learn the 4 new words just under the heading on p. 238. Look up in your Kanji Learner's Dictionar y (KLD) the 2 kanji used in writing these words that we have not learned yet. Write their KLD core meanings on the back of the HW paper. 3. Study the Dialog on pp. 239-240. Then write answers to Ex. A on p. 240. Just write the answers. Write them continuously (= not in separate rows), carefully numbered, leaving 2 blank boxes between each item. ! perhaps comes from a picture of a man (his head is at the top) and a personal seal ( ) at the bottom. The bright color left when the seal is...
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