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18_shukudai_Feb02 - 5 2010 2 2 1 We are slightly o schedule...

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೔ຊޠ!6 ɹɹɹɹɹ ɹɹ ॓୊!ेീɹ ɹ 2010 2 ݄ 2 ೔ʢՐʣ ڭՊॻ ͔ 1. We are slightly of schedule, so the chapter quiz this week will be pushed back to Thursday (Feb. 4), the skits to Friday, and Test 1 (covering chapters 4 and 5) will be next Monday (Feb. 8). 2. Read the entire essay ೔ຊਓͱ݁ࠗ on p. 270. (The title is ±rom p. 268). You should know the meaning o± all the words used in the essay. Read each sentence as many times as necessary to understand the sentence structure and meaning. 3. Write answers to Ex. A and B on pp. 270-271. Just write the answers — numbers in the case o± Ex. A and ͸͍ or ͍͍͑ in the case o± Ex. B. Write the answers continuously (= not in separate rows), care±ully numbered, leaving 2 blank boxes between each item. 4. In English (on the back o± the HW paper), write answers to #1 and 2 in Ex. C on p. 271. ׽ࣈ ݀ ݀ combines two parts: "roo±" and , which can indicate a division o± something into parts, but in ݀ represents an "opening." The prehistoric Chinese and
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