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Unformatted text preview: ೔ຊޠ!6 ॓୊!ेࣣɹ 20109 ೥ 2 ݄ 1 ೔ʢ݄ʣ ڭՊॻ ͔ 1. Write answers to the 7 items in IV.B in the Lab Manual (pp. 285-286 in my edition). Write each answer as a full sentence in Japanese. Audio les are in the SmartSite AUDIO folder. 2. Study Language V (pp. 260-261) to learn how to use ΋ and Ͱ΋ with questions words. 3. Write answers to items #1-4 in Ex. B on p. 262. Just write the answers, not the full sentences. Write the answers continuously (= not in separate rows), carefully numbered, leaving 2 blank boxes between each item. 4. Write answers in Japanese to questions #1-4 in section B on pp. 268-269. 5. Learn the 9 words (including Ξϯέʔτ ) presented in section C on p. 269. ׽ࣈ Ӌ Ӌ comes from a picture of 2 feathers . Ӌ can mean either feathers or wings . The two airports in the Tokyo area are Ӌాۭߓ ( ͸Ͷͩ͘͏͜͏*! and ੒ా ۭߓ ( ͳΓͨ͘͏͜͏ — the newer one, which is actually in Chiba Prefecture, outside Tokyo) /!!...
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