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Unformatted text preview: ೔ຊޠ!6 ॓୊!ेޒɹ 2010 ೥ 1 ݄ 28 ೔ʢ໦ʣ ڭՊॻ ͔ 1. Learn the verbs in the remaining rows (both columns) in the table ࣗಈࢺͱଞಈࢺ on p. 236. You have already learned the Λ verb in each pairing (the verbs that ll the blanks in the right-hand column). Write the words that ll these blanks on the HW paper and be sure to review the previously learned words below the table on this page. 2. After you have learned/reviewed all the verbs in the table on p. 236, do the rst 10 items in Ex. E on p. 237. Just write the words that ll each blank on the HW paper. No need to write each answer on a separate line. Write them continuously, numbering them carefully and leaving 2 blank boxes between each item. 3. Study Language IV (pp. 257-259) to learn how to a) use ͔ to mean "or" b) use ͔Ͳ͏͔ to mean "whether or not" c) make embedded (also called "indirect") questions like "I don't know where he went." 4. Write these sentences in Japanese on the HW paper: a) He went either to Tokyo or to Yokohama.He went either to Tokyo or to Yokohama....
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