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Unformatted text preview: ೔ຊޠ!6 ॓୊!े࢛ɹ 2010 ೥ 1 ݄ 27 ೔ʢਫʣ ڭՊॻ ͔ 1. Learn the verbs in both columns of the next 7 rows (that is, the second set of 7) in the table ࣗಈࢺ ͱଞಈࢺ on p. 236. You have already learned the Λ verb in each pairing (the verbs that ll the blanks in the right-hand column). On the HW paper, write the words that ll these blanks. 2. Do you nd any similarities in all the ͕ verbs learned so far in the list? How about the Λ verbs? Describe in Engish the similarities you nd in each type. 3. In Japanese write answers to these questions: a. ଔۀͨ͠ΒͲΜͳ࢓ࣄΛ͍ͨ͠ͱࢥ͍·͔͢ɻ b. ͦͷͨΊʹɺࠓͲΜͳ४උΛ͓͔ͯ͠ͳ͚Ε͹ ͡ΎΜͼ ͳΒͳ͍ͱࢥ͍·͔͢ɻɹ 5. Study Language III (pp. 252-255) to learn how to express the results of an action someone has taken using ʙͯʴ͋Δ . 6. Memorize this sentence and be able to say and write it in class Wednesday: !!൩͝൧͕࡞ͬͯ͋Δ͔ΒɺޙͰ৯΂ͯԼ͍͞ɻ ͸Μ 7. On the HW paper, explain in English what 7....
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