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Unformatted text preview: ೔ຊޠ!6 ॓୊!۝ɹ 2010 ೥ 1 ݄ 15 ೔ʢۚʣ ڭՊॻ ͔ 1. Study the !ฉ্͖ख࿩্͠ख section on pp. 227-228 to learn how to change the subject in Japanese. Learn the various expressions there used to change the subject. 2. Write the answers for Ex. A on p. 228. The audio les you need for this are in the AUDIO folder on our SmartSite. 3. Read the ೔ຊͷจԽ section on "Postal Service and Delivery Services" on p. 193. ɹɹɹ ׽ࣈ ༣ ༣ originally meant the stations along the various routes through the provinces where messengers changed horses or spent the night. ༣ has the same 㮞 that we found in ෦ . 㮞 comes from a picture of a walled or fenced village or town. The ਨ part of ༣ comes from a picture of dangling branches and leaves. It is included to suggest rural areas remote from the capital city as well as the idea of "going down" from the capital to the outlying districts. When a postal (not a messenger) system was later developed, ༣ was adopted to mean mail...
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