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Unformatted text preview: !6 ! 2010 1 13 1. Study Language IV In the textbook (pp. 207-209) to learn how to use the word / Then, write 2 sentences in Japanese, each containing at least once and ending with these words: 2. Write answers to IV.B in the LAB MANUAL. (In my copy of the LAB MANUAL, this is on p. 275, but your page number may be slightly different.) Write your answers on the homework paper; do not turn in the LAB MANUAL page. The audio les you need for this activity are in the AUDIO folder in RESOURCES in our SmartSite. 3. Read the DIALOG on pp. 191-192. Review vocabulary and grammar as necesary to gain a complete understanding of what is being said. 4. Write answers to Ex. A on p. 193. Write only the answers. Please number your answers clearly and write each on a separate line. comes from a picture of a 2-sided scale, with suspended trays on either side to hold materials balanced off against each other. balanced off against each other....
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