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Unformatted text preview: ೔ຊޠ!6 ॓୊!Ұɹ 2010 ೥ 1 ݄ 5 ೔ʢՐʣ ڭՊॻ ͖ΐ͏͔͠ΐ 1. The following list of phrases contains some words that are new to you. Learn to say and write each phrase, using the kanji given. Look up and learn any words new to you in the lists on p. 188. ɹίʔεΛ͓ͱ͢ ɹηΫγϣϯΛ͔͑Δ ɹ͕͖͕ͬऴΘΔ ɹֶੜ͠ΐ͏ΛΘ͢ΕΔ ɹϘʔϧϖϯͰ࡞จΛॻ͘ ɹ͡Ύ͗ΐ͏Γΐ͏Λ͸Β͏ ɹΫϥεϝʔτͱ೔ຊޠͰ͔͍ΘΛ͢Δ 2. On the back of the homework paper, write good English translations for each of the phrases in #1. 3. On the front of the homework paper, write a self- introduction of at least 3 sentences. Include any information you think will help your instructor and classmates know you better. Write the self- introduction in Japanese, following the conventions in "How to Use Genkōyōshi." Write using the kanji we have learned; if you want to use additional kanji, give furigana readings for them (in the way you see done in "How to Use Genkōyōshi.")....
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This note was uploaded on 03/30/2010 for the course JPN 5 taught by Professor Staff during the Winter '08 term at UC Davis.

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