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Biol 326: General Physiology. Sample Midterm 1: Instructions : You have 55 minutes to write this exam that has ** questions of ** value (**points each). You must answer all questions to get full marks. There are 2 sections on this exam to be written on this sheet. True-false and written answers. SECTION 1: True or false questions . State whether the statements below are TRUE or FALSE. If the answer is false, you MUST fix the underlined word(s) to get full points (2 points per question). Write the corrected word in the margin. 1. The set point for blood glucose in humans is 100mM. 2. Testosterone enters a cell by facilitated diffusion. 3. Testosterone and its receptor can bind to response elements on chromosomes. 4. The Na -Ca exchanger is an example of secondary active transport. + 2+ 5. The Na -H exchanger causes the cytosol to become more acidic.
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