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1 Biol 326: General Physiology. Sample Midterm 2: SECTION 1: True or false questions . State whether the statements below are TRUE or FALSE. If the answer is false, you MUST fix the underlined word(s) to get full points (2 points per question). Write the corrected word in the margin. 1. The posterior pituitary releases oxytocin. 2. Failure of LH release could cause infertility in female mammals. 3. The hypothalamus is joined to the posterior pituitary by blood. 4. Parasympathetic neurons constrict the airways. 5. Sympathetic preganglionic neurons control the adrenal cortex. 6. The fluid part of blood is called hemolymph. 7. An open circulatory system has very high hydrostatic pressures. 8. The most common type of blood cell is a lymphocyte. 9. The heart of fishes has two ventricles. 10. The heart of amphibia pumps blood into 2 different veins.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Oxygen is pumped from arteries to cells. 12. Red blood cells contribute to transporting carbon dioxide. 13. Osmoconformers are a different osmolarity to their environment. 14. As you sweat during a marathon and lose fluids, your blood pressure may fall due to a decrease in cardiac output. 15. A car accident victim has suffered traumatic injury and lost blood. His heart rate will be slower than set point because of this. SECTION 2: Written questions. 16. A reflex in animals that is purely mediated by the endocrine system is: 17. Hypoxia is a stress to animals. Describe how animals protect against this. 18. Compare osmoregulation in the gills of salt water fish to that in freshwater fish gills. 19. Describe how the mammalian heart beats....
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