DLM-12 - Physics 7B DLM 12 Overview Model/Approach...

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Physics 7B DLM 12 Overview Model/Approach: Steady-State Energy Model AC-6.1.6 The Fluid Transport Equation (fully extended Bernoulli Equation) (~ 50 min) Learning Goals: • Develop understanding of the concept of head and head loss • Develop understanding of the constructs of head loss through circuit elements and increases in head due to a pump • Gain experience applying the fully extended Bernoulli equation (transport equation) • Deepen understanding of the constructs of current and resistance Make concrete the connection between the constructs resistance and current with physical pipes and water flows Act-6.1.7 Wrap-up of DLM 11 FNTs 1 & 2 & Circuit Apparatus Review (~ 50 min) Learning Goals: Clear up any remaining questions about the use of the steady-state energy model with fluid systems. Practice metacognitive skills. (Becoming more explicitly aware of your thinking process) Becoming explicitly aware of those thought processes that keep you from applying the model that you know to new situations. AC6.2.1 Analogies Between Electrical and Fluid Circuits (~ 20 min) Learning Goals: • Gain experience with electric circuits • Use fluid analogies to think about electric circuits. AC6.2.2 Making Sense of Simple Circuits (~ 15 min) Learning Goals: Practice applying the electric transport equation to simple electric circuits. Deepen understanding of the meaning of complete circuits. Develop understanding of how V, I, and R “work” when there is more than one simple loop. Develop understanding of relative currents in battery and bulb circuits in terms of the basic ideas of conservation of charge and energy conservation expressed in terms of the transport equation ( V = E - IR). Announcements The cycle for DL 13 begins next Thursday because of President’s Day .
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Physics 7B Activity 6.1.6 DLM 12 Simplified Circuit pump a b c d e f g h i j k valve l The Fluid Transport Equation (Fully Extended Bernoulli Eq.) Your Job Your job in this activity in your small group is to make sense of and develop a working understanding of the concepts mentioned in the learning goals on the Overview Sheet. Rather than lead you through step-by-step guided questions, which will not likely fit the way a majority of students are actually thinking right now, you are simply given a measurement task. You will make two different quantitative measurements of the resistance, R, of the copper tube in the flow apparatus, but the more important goal is to develop a useful understanding of the concepts and constructs involved. By all means refer to your copy of the Course Notes as necessary, especially the meaning of the fluid transport equation (fully extended Bernoulli equation): (total head) = E pump /vol – IR or P + ρ g y + 1 / 2 ρ (v 2 ) = E pump /vol – IR where (total head) (pressure head) + (gravity head) + (velocity head) P + ρ g y + 1 / 2 ρ (v
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DLM-12 - Physics 7B DLM 12 Overview Model/Approach...

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