DLM-13 - Physics 7B DLM 13 Overview Applying the Transport...

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Physics 7B DLM 13 Overview Model/Approach: Energy Density Model AC-6.2.3 Applying the Transport Equation to an Electric Circuit (~ 35 min) Learning Goals: Develop understanding of electric circuits by analogy to fluid circuits. Understand the transport equation as applied to electric circuits. Act-6.2.4 Making Sense of Simple Circuits (~ 70 min) Learning Goals: Practice applying the electric transport equation to simple electric circuits. Deepen understanding of the meaning of complete circuits. Develop understanding of how V, I, and R “work” when there is more than one simple loop. Develop understanding of relative currents in battery and bulb circuits in terms of the basic ideas of conservation of charge and energy conservation expressed in terms of the transport equation ( V = E - IR). Deepen awareness of one’s own way of approach to making sense of simple circuits and how this approach is or is not consistent with the energy-density model Practice changing unproductive thinking patterns to ones that are more productive AC6.2.5 Parallel and Series Resistors (~ 35 min) Learning Goals: Same as in 6.4.2, and in addition Making use of V = E – IR to verify the formulas for series and parallel resistors. Getting deeper understanding of resistors and batteries in series and in parallel. Getting practice reducing multiple resistor circuits to a single battery and resistor. Announcements Reading Assignment - Read Summary and Review pages 130-132 and finish reading Unit 6. You should be use the resources on the web page to improve your understanding of the course materials, in particular playing with the circuits applet will help with this unit’s concepts and solving the very many practice problems will prepare you for the exams and the final.
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Physics 7B Activity 6.2.3 DLM 13 Applying the Transport Equation to an Electric Circuit Your Job: Determine the Resistances (1) Add labeled points to the diagram and apply the transport equation (with subscripts showing the points where you start and stop) from one end of the entire set of electrical resistances you used in the previous activity to the other end. (2) Measure the voltage drops across each resistor and record these V’s using the points you have labeled on the diagram as subscripts. Also, measure and record the voltage drop across the entire “string” of resistors. Record the current in the circuit. (3) Calculate the value of the resistance of each resistor using the transport equation (with terms applicable for the section between the appropriate points) and the measured values of voltage drops and current. Show some of your work on the board, but leave room for (5) and (6) below. (4)
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DLM-13 - Physics 7B DLM 13 Overview Applying the Transport...

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