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Physics 7A DLM 01 DLM 1 ( Discussion/Lab Meeting #1 ) Overview Concept Groups (CG) and DL Activities (ACT) CG 1.1 Qualitative Application of Some Models Act-1.1.1 Getting Started with Making Sense of Thermal Phenomena (45 min) Learning Outcomes: Awareness of the strangeness of the thermal behavior of the heatpack Review and/or familiarization of the Three-Phase Model of Matter and especially its graphical representation Deeper understanding of the special nature of the temperature at which a phase change occurs Introductory understanding of the constructs “process,” “sub-process,” “initial and final state,” and “state properties” Act-1.1.2 Analyzing a Heat pack Using the Three Phase Model of Pure Substances (45 min) Awareness of the usefulness of using a specific model to constrain a phenomenon and what it means to make sense of a phenomenon in terms of a model Practice identifying salient features of a particular phenomenon and associating them with specific constructs in the model Awareness that a specific phenomenon might not “behave” according to a given model and doesn’t make sense in terms of the model (as developed to this point) Gaining more experience using the relationships of a model to make sense of a specific phenomenon Act-1.1.3 Thinking in terms of both the Three Phase Model and the Energy-Interaction Model (40 min) Initial familiarity and practice drawing energy-system diagrams Practice using the Energy-Interaction Model and particularly its representation in energy-system diagrams to analyze aspects of phenomena that are not easy to make sense of Announcements: Buy your Physics 7A Textbook and DL Workbook at the UCD Bookstore . They are shrink wrapped together. Web page Be sure to check the Physics 7A webpage frequently for new information and material. http://physics.ucdavis.edu/physics7 Text Reading Assignment: Before the 2 nd DL meeting (DLM), read pages iii-iv and ix-xiv of the introductory material in the text, College Physics: A Models Approach-Part 1 . Then quickly skim the first 25 pages of Chapter 1 in order to get a feeling for what is there. Look closely at the first two Model Summary Foldouts at the back of the text. You will be referring to
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DLM01Notes - Physics 7A DLM 01 DLM 1 (Discussion/Lab...

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