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DLM 3 Overview CG 1.2 Getting Quantitative with Models Act 1.2.2 Mostly quantitative application of the energy-interaction Model to thermal and bond systems (DLM 2 FNTs) (~45 mins) Learning Goals: More practice applying the Energy-Interaction Model to thermal interactions. Practice going through the modeling process without taking shortcuts. Practice getting quantitative answers using the logic of the model instead of simply “grabbing an equation and plugging in numbers” without understanding what is going on. Act-1.2.3 Taking Analysis to the Next Level (~ 60 mins) Learning Goals: Practice applying two models simultaneously to more complicated thermal phenomena. Practice choosing an appropriate interval (constricting the process) so that it is possible to systematically apply the Energy-Interaction Model to a phenomenon in which you don’t know the final state CG 1.1 Qualitative Application of Some Models Act-1.1.6 Applying the Energy-Interaction Model to chemical reactions (~30 min) Learning Goals: Practice extending the Energy-Interaction Model to chemical reactions. Realization that there at a fundamental level, many seemingly different phenomena can be understood using the same basic models Text Reading Assignment: Make sure each of the constructs in the two models we have been using (listed in the first two Model Summaries on the foldouts at the back of your textbook) are now familiar to you. You will probably need to re-read certain portions of Chapter 1. You should be able to “tell a story” in your own words about the relationships among the constructs, as well as the constructs themselves, as listed on the Model Summaries. Handouts:
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DLM03Notes - Physics 7A DLM 3 Overview CG 1.2 Getting...

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