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Homework Problem Set No. 8 Due Wednesday, December 3, in class 1. Calculate the equilibrium temperature of the Earth. Assume that the Sun radiates 3.9 × 10 26 watts, that the albedo of the Earth is 0.3 and that the Earth is 1.5 × 10 11 m from the Sun. 2. Assume an adult human has a total surface area of 2 m 2 . If this person radiates as a 300 K blackbody, what is their rate of energy loss? At 2000 food calories/day (1 food calorie = 1000 calorie = 4200 joule), what is the rate of energy consumption. Compare the
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Unformatted text preview: two rates. How might you reconcile the discrepancy? 3. Assume a blackbody emits at temperature, T . At what frequency is U a maximum? 4. Calculate the number of square degrees in the sky or 4 steradians. 5. The Sun approximately radiates like a 5780 K blackbody. If the Earths atmosphere is transparent to light between 320 nm and 900 nm, compute the fraction of the Suns energy that reaches the Earths surface. 1...
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