Geo, LAB Jan 19 - - Vertical distance between two...

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Geography Laboratory Session January 19, 2010 Each lab worth 10% total 40% of mark. . 4 different labs RM 3E1 - Lab Instructor Office - or in Lab Room 3E8 Times - Tuesday 10:30 - Thursday e-mail = [email protected] Subject Line: Lab Section # Lab #1: Topographic Maps - Scale - Contours: Isolines and Contour interval - Gradient All components of Topographic Maps Scaled to real life Scale - Is the ratio of the size of a feature on a map *map distance) to the size of the feature on the ground (ground distance) Ratio Scale = 1:50000 Written - 1 cm on the map represents 50000 cm on the ground - 1 cm = 50000 cm - 1 cm = 500 m Maps of different scales are used to provide varying levels of detail 1:1000000 (large area, low resolution) 1:500000 1:250000 1:2500 Contours - Isohypse or commonly called CONTOUR
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- Line that joins points of equal elevation - Used to represent change in elevation - Portrays 3D component of landscape on a 2D medium like the topographic map Contour Interval
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Unformatted text preview: - Vertical distance between two sequential contour lines Start at 0 or mean sea level Datum plane (mean sea level) When contour lines are very close together the elevation is steep Check contour interval (how big or small it is) Use estimates to draw some lines Always use pencil Contours have to bend upwards when crossing a river. . go up towards opposite direction water is going. . if water going south contours bend up towards the north. . See back of first lab hand out Gradient- A measure of the rate of change of a variable (elevation) across some distance- Gradient (% slop) = (rise/run) *100 Rise - elevation change in meters Run - horizontal ground distance in meters See back of first lab handout for example Slope Grade reversals - help prevent water from fucking up the trail. . helps water move down mountain or trail without eroding the trail Google Earth- can see a side view to see topography and landscape...
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Geo, LAB Jan 19 - - Vertical distance between two...

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