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Lec 1 Jan 5 - -19 th and 20 th century developments...

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General Info Instructor: James Hamilton: section C X drive must be on campus and info will be located there Alternate week lab: submit assignment on due date; no late penalties Lesson What is Geography? -The key focus is on: where are features distributed, what are their characteristics, and how they are formed. -Consider the distribution of Arctic sea ice: -What is sea ice? (The ice that forms on the surface of the sea during a cold season) -How extensive is the distribution of sea ice? -How is the distribution changing over time? (Seasonal, Annual) A cause is global warming -A range of variables influence sea ice distribution -What are the impacts of less sea ice in the Arctic? (Change in habitat for some animals: polar bears use sea ice to survive and hunt for food) (More openings for navigation) Development of Geography -Developed from classics era mathematics and literature and cartography
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Unformatted text preview: -19 th and 20 th century developments: description, classification, relations, identification of process, developments of techniques and methods-A discipline with a well developed body of theory coupled to techniques and approaches to solving real world problems-Relevance: Consider the Workplace (Planning, Resource Management, Policy Development, Marketing, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Monitoring; Natural Science, Education, Security and Intelligence, Trade and Tourism, Mapping, etc.) Scope of Physical Geography Diagram from text (Physical geography and Human/cultural geography) Physical geography primarily deals with: meteorology and climatology (study of weather and climate), hydrology (study of water), geomorphology (study of landforms and landscapes)...
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