killing%20us%20softly%203 - -----------Killing Us Softly...

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Unformatted text preview: -----------Killing Us Softly 3Please take notes on Kilbournes central argument on each of the following problems in advertising.Taking Advertising SeriouslyYou should take advertising seriously.. went from 20 billion to 180 billion a year industry.. 3 years of every life spent watching ads.. see ads all the time.. they sub-consciously affect you.. advertising is the fondation of the mass media.. the primary purpose of the mass media is to sell products.. it sells more than products: values, images, concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and normalcy.. it tells us who we are and who we should be.. it tells women how they should look.. puts emphases on how women must look good.. the ideal women image is impossibly perfect to achieve.. computer re-touching has added to this.. women believe they can achieve perfection if they try hard enough or buy the right products.. it affects womens self esteemPerception and ArtificialityPlastic surgery.. make up.. computer re-touching.. liposuction.. hair products.. aging products.. women are taught that they arent good enough as they are they need to add things to make them look beautiful...
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killing%20us%20softly%203 - -----------Killing Us Softly...

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