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Women Studies Journal Entry November 12, 2009 JOURNALS: Journals will be used throughout the term to record your thoughts and reflections as you critically engage with the issues pertaining to women and gender that you encounter every day. You will be asked to analyze these issues by applying key theoretical terms and concepts introduced over the term. You will be evaluated on the appropriate use of course concepts from the lectures and readings, as well as your choice of topics, the clarity of the writing and accessibility of the presentation. Your journal should include five one and a half to two-page entries, including one analysis of an advertising campaign depicting women or gender (attach a copy of the ad). The remaining entries must be on separate topics related to women or gender. You may choose to write, for instance, on several different aspects of popular culture, for example, music, film, books or T.V., or on issues that are raised in the media or in one of your classes this term. You may also write, however, on personal experiences in which gender came into play, such as a conversation with a friend, a family dinner, or a job interview. Write about specific issues or images that resonate with you, or that you find the most thought-provoking. While you may write up your entries as an essay or in traditional diary style, journals may take any format, including video diary, scrapbook layout, power-point presentation, etc. I encourage you to be creative and thoughtful! For power-point presentations, limit each entry to three slides, and for other non-traditional formats bear in mind the content limit for written assignments. The rubric available on the course website provides further information about structuring your entries. Each entry must include a short description of your topic, your feelings on the issue, and
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Women Studies Jounrals - Women Studies Journal Entry...

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