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Jan 6 - sacred text art/articteture Deities...

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Religion January 6, 2010 Hinduism - Hindu-wedding: - hundred of people - week event - most often brides dress Red because white in worn at funerals - ceremony is very long - preparation of the bride -> occurs days in advance - ceremony - ritual - symbols - fire, groom enters in on a horse - community/family - traditional clothing, bod adornment (i.e. henna) Buddhist Meditation - Series of ritual steps of meditation - clearing of the mind - spiritual goal -> nirvana - philosophical - leader - ritual objects (i.e. bell, prayer beads) Muslim - mosque -> very empty -> no chairs, praying on the floor - men & women pray separately
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Unformatted text preview: - sacred text- art/articteture Deities - Gods/Goddesses -> in all religions except Buddhism 4 Principles for studying religion 1. "Religion" is something that people do, in their day to day lives 2. There are broad diversity of religions and the religious around the world, which we must account for 3. Religious traditions develop and change in ways specific to the contexts (cultural, geographic, political) in which they find themselves 4. We have an ethical obligation to work with care and respect as we think critically about people's everyday religious lives...
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