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Religion March 15, 2010 Islam: Muslims & America (T.V. Show) - 2nd largest Religion in the world - took guy from West Virginia and put him in Michigan to live with Muslim family. . The part of Michigan he goes to is highly populated with Muslims - has to study Qur'an daily, dress and eat the way Muslims do - Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US - lives with American Muslims - hijab = head scarf Muslim women wear (its traditionally from the Jewish faith) - Qur'an = holy book of Islam. . its considered the word of Allah revealed to Muhammad - 5:30 am woke up for the first prayer of the day. . they recite verses (prayers) - he can't stay in the house once the husband leaves because he can't stay in the same room as a married women without the husband present
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Unformatted text preview: - Mosque = where they pray- Judaism, Christianity & Islam are closely related to one another. . they are branches of the same tree- pray on knees, bring head to floor, hands on floor- has to wear religious hat on head & robe- have to take off shoes before entering holy area. . must show "highest level of politeness"- broadcast call to prayer 5 times a day - women pray behind men so men aren't tempted to look at women's asses- there are a variety of different prayer poses- Halal a god given standard to live by (its like the Jews Kosher). . no pork, no alcohol, and no meat that hasn't been blessed at butcher- the meat has to be slaughtered a certain way. . prayer must be said and animal must be facing a certain way (East?)...
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