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Religion Feb 3 - N.A Buddhist teachers and authors Pema...

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Religion February 3, 2010 Buddhism Movie: Becoming the Buddha in LA 3 treasures: Buddha (the teacher), Dharma (the teaching), Sangha (the community) The Buddha teaches meditation you are Buddha Inter-being (nothing can exist by itself, everything is inter-connected) 3 marks of existence impermanence (everything is impermanent even yourself, the degree of attachment to material objects is the degree of suffering you must go through in order to become enlightened), suffering (part of life, a non avoidable part of life), no-self (there isn't an entity which we can say i am this)
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Unformatted text preview: N.A. Buddhist teachers and authors Pema Chodron, Gray Snyder, Thich Nhat Hanh Buddha didn't speak of god. . he taught of suffering and he way out of suffering Buddhism involves ritual. . Dharma- Buddha didn't teach buddhism. . Buddhism was taught years after he died- Dharma means what is true, reality, the way things are- after enlightenment the Buddha taught the nature of life and the nature of the mind a mature person isn't one who speaks out, a mature person doesn't know who they are and they accept that...
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