Religion Jan 20 - people bath in the water of the Ganges...

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Religion January 20, 2010 Movie: The holier it gets Went to London from India to study medicine (girl whose doing documentary dad). . their dad died "no feeling of holiness at all" lots of people, poverty, filth poverty everywhere absence of privacy - people live on the streets people going through garbage back then: falling in love with "an outsider" was not acceptable their dad left India because his kids would not be accepted into Indian culture/society The fact that their dad married a british women makes it look like he is siding with the british. . this is especially bad after the British Colonial occupation of India. . they going to see their fathers home village where he grew up, see his house, 35 people lived in the one house, house was not impressive, very shantey. . They are performing a death ritual for their father Going to submerge their fathers ashes in the Ganges River
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Unformatted text preview: people bath in the water of the Ganges River even though dead people float in the water and dead peoples ashes are thrown into it Badrinath holy city- go to temple- talk with the chief priest about doing a ceremony with the ashes (special blessing)- a memorial ceremony would be done the next day- performance of the ritual were important, the words you say, the actions you partake in- very casual in a sense (people were going in and out of the place where the ritual was going on and no one seemed to care)- the holy city is very quite- no heat or electricity in the town, the rain has the stuck in the city, land slides mass rain pours etc., roads had been washed out, they are stuck in the village, bubba wants 2 eat, gay guy thinks he's straight Gangotri- the Ganges River source they are trying to find a pure place to perform the ritual...
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Religion Jan 20 - people bath in the water of the Ganges...

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