Religion Test review - - Indian vs Canadian context-...

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Religion Test Chapter 3 Power Marxism Religion as ideology religion - power tool for governments minority religions Chapter 1 religion everyday life something people do American Hindus from this article take examples of how Hindus have changed in North America guru - teacher questions to ask what is canadian about hinduism what challenges do hindus face they had to establish a new communiy building a new temple(s) public policy first 2 chapters 5 key concepts - relationship between ethnic religious identity - canada multicultural - bolded terms - hindu beliefs practices, festivals, history, books Buddhism - a buddha is someone who had been "enlightened" or "woken up" from the sleep of ignorance that blinds people in the suffering of this world - Buddhism is rooted in he Indian doctrine of samsara Being Hindu in Canada
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Unformatted text preview: - Indian vs Canadian context- women's role in the home/family- individual examples Becoming Buddha in LA 3 treasures: Buddha, Dharma, Sanga Interbeing 3 marks of existence: 1 impermanence, suffering, no-self What is ritual- meaning- symbolism- performance-communication- society- repetition- transformation- power Lect Jan 25 Hinduism in NA Arrival -> 1. Idea & Individuals 2. Practices 3. Immigration & proliferation Loss of Hindu context in everyday life 1. a stranger in a strange land 2. Hinduism must now be taught 3. renegotiating identity 4. recreating sacred landscapes 4 principles of religion 1. Religion is something people do 2. religion is diverse 3. religion is developing and changing 4. we have to look at religion with respect...
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Religion Test review - - Indian vs Canadian context-...

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