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CEE 220 Midterm 2 Review Problems Summer 2009 I consider the following problems to be good review problems. You can try to plot Mohr’s circle as well, where applicable. All of the answers are in the book. This supplements what is given on the exam study guide posted on moodle. 1. Hibbeler, Problem 2-29 2. Hibbeler, Problem 5-14 & 5-15 3. Hibbeler, Problem 10-29 Try to plot Mohr’s circle for this one and see if you get b back with n = +60 degrees. 4. Hibbeler, Problem 10-37 5. Hibbeler, Problem 10-53 6. Hibbeler, Problem 10-98 7. Hibbeler, Problem 10-101 8. Be able to list the four field equations of elasticity for torsion, and derive the expression = TL/JG. Same as the first exam problem 1, except it is torsion.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Try sketching deformed shapes of elements using points on the opposite side of Mohrs Circle, similar to the lab problem where you plotted the deformed shape corresponding to the state of strain at the top and bottom of the circle. The deformed shapes should be identical. This is good practice for interpreting Mohrs circle of strain. 10. Same as 9, except Mohrs circle of stress. 11. Be able to sketch the 2 failure theories (Tresca, Von Mises) envelopes. The equations will be given on the equation sheet. 12. Know bulk modulus and dilation. They are on the equation sheet....
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