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Research Report Information Table Section Information Included Title Subject Independent Variable(s) Dependent Variable(s) Final Title Abstract Background Information Purpose Scope Dependent Variables/ Independent Variables Results Conclusions Recommendations Introduction Purpose and Problem Statement Background Information Scope Glossary Overview Materials List any materials (supplies) needed for the study.
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Apparatus List any apparatus (equipment) needed for the study. Procedures (or Methods) Describe what was done during the experiment . Consider the following: Conditions and length of the
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Unformatted text preview: experiment, how observations were made, what was varied and what was measured. If you have participants, include them in this section . Results Describe briefly what type of data you are working with and what graphics you will use to display the data. Discussion Describe briefly how you will interpret the results. Conclusions Describe how the interpretations of the results from the Discussion section connect to the hypotheses and the original research question. Recommendations Describe any recommendations that logically follow from the conclusions....
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HCDE231_Research_Report_Information_Table - experiment how...

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