warehouse - backorder not fulfilled yet subpart partno part...

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part employee area-code number phone first last middle employeeno strno city address street province street number worker manager disjoint works- under bo-current bo-date remaining- quantity orig- quantity orig- quantity bo-old fulfill- datetime date of the backorder original quantity less received quantity date and time when the last shipment received onbo- current onbo- old were on the backorder in the past, already fulfilled current
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Unformatted text preview: backorder not fulfilled yet subpart partno part number batch bin warehouse of-ware house warehouseid capacity binno bin number of-part date-in size batchno checked-by stored-in back-ordered-by back-ordered-by item of-batch batch number itemno item number checked-out-by date-out ER-model of the Warehousing Project name bo-date...
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